Knock, knock...Avon calling!

Did you know Avon has been producing their own range of costumer jewellery since 1963?




One of the most iconic names in the beauty industry, Avon is know for giving women the opportunity to go into business for themselves. The company was founded in 1886 and at the time women would work but mainly in factories or as housekeepers and maids. David McConnell, the founder of Avon, was a true visionary for his time.

The company, then known as the California Perfume Company, quickly grew with 5,000 representatives by 1900. In the 1929 CPC began using the word Avon for some of their products and in 1939 the company officially became Avon Products, Inc. and began offering more products such as skin care lines.

In 1963 Avon began offering jewellery to their customers as a gift with purchase. The jewellery became popular among Avon's client and a demand began building for it as a separate purchase from the perfume and skin care products.

Avon began experimentally selling a few pieces in 1965, but until 1970 most pieces were only available with an Avon product. After 1970 the pieces became more and more popular and the costume jewellery became its own section of products available in the Avon catalogue. 

For vintage collectors this timeline can be a helpful tool - odds are most of the pieces you'll find are going to be from the 70s or newer. All Avon pieces are marked. They've always done a great job of branding their items and it's pretty consistent. The main way you'll be able to date items is based on the design of the piece.

We have a selection of Avon vintage pieces here so do have a look. Their starburst brooches are absolutely stunning!