Trilby Panama

  • £75.00

The Trilby isåÊa classic shape that suits the majority of head sizes and face shapes.åÊ It has timeless lines and is a firm favourite of Panama wearers the world over.åÊ This shape of hat has been in fashion since the 1930s, and shows no signs of quitting! åÊThis hat has a "flip brim" and so can be worn with the whole of the brim turned up, or with the front turned down.

General Care:

  • Do not pinch the front tightly when taking it off or putting it on.åÊ
  • Your hat may be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.åÊ
  • Panama hats don't like to get wet. If yours does get wet, please leave it on aåÊflat surface and let it dry naturally.åÊ When totally dry, you can shape it intoåÊits original form.


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